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HATTENDO Nama Shokupan 하텐도 나마 식빵 - Original, Orange, Chocolate

HATTENDO Nama Shokupan 하텐도 나마 식빵 - Original, Orange, Chocolate

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HATTENDO Nama Shokupan - Original, Orange, Chocolate

하텐도 나마 식빵 - 오리지널, 오렌지, 초코

Limited quantities available daily

Please note Nama Shokupan may not be available due to the inventory of the store.

Nama Shokupan - Original

Nama Shokupan is our traditional Japanese bread loaf - a popular choice in Japan.
Crafted with meticulous care, our Shokupan offers a melt-in-your-mouth experience with
sweetness. Perfect for breakfast or lunch, enjoy it as is or toasted for a crisp outer layer
and moist interior.

Nama Shokupan- Orange

Orange Nama Shokupan is an exquisite delight that combines Japanese milk bread's
fluffiness and the zest of orange cream filling.
This combination creates a burst of sweet citrus, delivering an indulgent experience of
soft, moist bread with tangy citrus cream.

Nama Shokupan- Chocolate

Chocolate Nama Shokupan combines rich, smooth nama chocolate with our delicate
Shokupan. Every bite is a symphony of lush chocolate cream and fluffy bread, promising an
indulgent sensory experience.

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