Collection: ECO DEALS

Starting January 2023, South Korea’s food expiration labeling system is set to change from the current “sell-by” dates to “use-by” dates. Sell-by dates denote the time period in which a retailer must get its products off the shelves, while use-by dates tell consumers up to what point a product can be safely consumed, assuming it had been stored in the recommended conditions.

According to the Korea Health Industry Development Institute, about a third of all produced food goes to waste globally. Additionally, food waste was responsible for 8.85 million tons of gas emissions in 2013, as gas was emitted during decomposition or incineration of the dumped food.

Replacing sell-by dates with use-by dates could be the first step toward decreasing food waste and saving the environment.

Environmental sustainability is more important than ever. As a step to reduce food waste, NUBON MARKET is now introducing ECO DEALS collection for food nearing expiration.

Please note that expiration dates are mentioned specifically in the product description of each product.

2023년부터 한국에서 시행되는 소비기한 표시제는 식품 등에 표시된 보관방법을 준수할 경우 섭취하여도 안전에 이상이 없는 기한을 말합니다.

충분히 섭취 또는 사용이 가능하지만 기존의 유통기한제의 날짜가 지나면 판매가 불가능해 폐기될 수 밖에 없는 많은 식품들, 그에 따라 발생되는 엄청난 폐기 비용과 환경 오염을 줄이고자 시행되는 중요한 변화입니다.

NUBON MARKET은 내년부터 시행되는 이 변화에 동참하고자 유통기한이 임박한 제품들을 ECO DEALS 콜렉션에서 할인된 가격으로 선보입니다. 각 제품의 유통기한은 제품설명란에 명시해두었으니 참고해주세요.