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NEOGEN Canadian Clay Pore Stick Mask 캐네디언 클레이 포어 스틱 마스크 28g

NEOGEN Canadian Clay Pore Stick Mask 캐네디언 클레이 포어 스틱 마스크 28g

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NEOGEN Canadian Clay Pore Stick Mask 28g

네오젠 캐네디언 클레이 포어 스틱 마스크 28g

Pore Purifying

  • Formulated with mud glacial soil 50,000ppmextracted from Canadian Collodial Clay, double mud power helps remove dead skin cells and pore-clogging impurities.

Pore Tightening

  • Infused with patented raw material called SYN-COLL and Collageneer, it tightens pores to promote healthy skin.

Pore Brightening 

  • Glutathione + Purifying Compound-4 and Neogen'sunique plant-curing compound, consisting of moringa, wheat sprout, calamansi, and alginic acid, help brighten pores and reveal a radiant glow.

Peel off masks can irritate skin and even pull off the essential tissues that your skin needs and can make your pores look larger!

  • Gently polish away blackheads covering your pores
  • Get rid of whiteheads that clog pores
  • Revitalize and firm the appearance of skin by tightening pores
  • Fresh, smooth and silky skin texture
  • Promote a brightened and balanced complexion
  • Various plant extracts, oil-based ingredients, water-based ingredients, etc.
  • Formulated with 50 naturally-derived ingredients!

It's not just for your nose - Target any areas of specific skincare concern!

  • Don't get the product on your hands.
  • Incredibly simple and easy to use!
  • We got your laziness covered - Forget about all the mixing & bowls!
How to use:

1. For first time use, spin the bottom dial for twice then remove the lid.

2. After cleansing, dry the face then apply a proper amount on the desired area evenly.

3. Leave on for 3-5 minutes and wait for the stick mask to dry out completely.

4. Wet the mask with lukewarm water and massage in a circular motion to cleanse off.



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