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AHC Masters Pro Patch 마스터즈 프로 패치 4 Pairs

AHC Masters Pro Patch 마스터즈 프로 패치 4 Pairs

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AHC Masters Pro Patch 4 Pairs
AHC 마스터즈 프로 패치 4회분


Ultra-close outdoor patch created by Pak Se Ri

- Multi-functional outdoor patch
- Anti-fog effect
- Super-adhesive adhesion
- Cooling soothing, elasticity care
- UV protection fabric

Masters Pro Patch
High-impact, multi-functional patches that don't fall out of a variety of outdoor activities

Use functional sports fabric to comfortably cover your skin even during long outdoor activities.

The evenly distributed hydrogel inside the patch provides instant cooling.

Apply the master fit technique using the matrix structure system to increase adhesion to the skin area and effectively deliver the effective ingredients.

Suggested Use

01. Apply sun cream and absorb it sufficiently into the area you want to block UV rays.
02. Open the pouch, take out the patch, and remove the transparent film.
03. Stick it on the area around the eyes and around the cheekbones.
04. Make sure to adhere well so that there are no uneven parts.

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