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Machi Machi tea leaves and ingredients

Our promise is to uphold the highest standards when creating our beverages, we proudly disclose the source of our natural ingredients to our customers.
Our tea leaves are grown on the three best farms of Yuchi, Mingjian and Sun Moon Lake, in Nantou County, Taiwan.
Our delicious Original teas are freshly brewed in our tea-pressing machine once your order is placed. This innovation in tea brewing guarantees the best taste and aroma is extracted from the leaves.
Our delightful toppings such as grass jelly, imported from the top-rated grass jelly farm located in Guanxi Township in Hsinchu, Taiwan. Along with plums picked from the leading farms of Meishan Township in Chiayi, Taiwan.

Machi Machi Bottles

Our special and creative Machimachi bottle undeniably defines what the mating of form and function can deliver. Each sip from the bottle introduces a different layer of satisfaction to your senses, with a variety of flavors and toppings. We really hope having a Machimachi will brighten your day.

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