Frozen Shrimp Cutlet 통살 새우 까스 480g

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Dongwon Frozen Shrimp Cutlet 동원 통살 새우 까스 480g

60g X 8 cutlets inside (Perfectly sized for burger patty)

Cruchy outside and shrimp inside!

  • Deep fry front and back in hot oil for 4 minutes.
  • Try it with tartar sauce, mustard or ketchup.
  • Enjoy as shrimp burger, with curry sauce or Tteokbokki!

약 60g의 새우까스가 8장 들어있습니다. 

바삭바삭한 튀김안에 보들보들 새우 통살이 가득한 통살 새우까스


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