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3CE Blur Water Tint 블러 워터 틴트

3CE Blur Water Tint 블러 워터 틴트

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3CE Blur Water Tint

3CE 블러 워터 틴트 

The Blur Water Tint has a lively and refreshing color as well as a smooth fixing effect.
Soft and warm to the touch, the product does not smudge on the lips and stays soft and comfortable for a long time. This tint is the perfect balance of color and hydration. The colors can be mixed to create your own unique look. This tint is ideal for everyday use. The color is perfectly suited for both casual and special occasions. This tint is formulated to give you a healthy, natural-looking shade of color without feeling heavy or too dry on the lips.

Bake Beige is a moody, season-free orange brown with a subtle vintage look.
Breeze Way is a sweet and clean orange sorbet that looks like pure fruit juice.
Casual Affair contains the faint and subtle color of a dried rose.
Coral Moon contains the color of a finely filtered orange with a drop of peach juice.
Double Wind is a berry wine with sweetness, a bitter aftertaste, and an air of mystery the more you look at it.
Laydown is an elegant nude peach with pink and brown subtly mixed in.
Pink Guava is a clear pink that is bursting with lively energy.
Play Off is a passionate and elegant standard red that adds a layer of definition to the lips.
Sepia is a dressy brown filter brick red that balances a neutral yet deep attitude.
Spot Player is an enchanting cherry that is saturated with sweet pink-red syrup.

Early Hour is a cool rosy mauve that captures the serene sensibility of dawn.

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