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PICCASSO Eyeme X Sang Eun Unni False Lashes 피카소 아이미 X 상은언니 속눈썹 - 4 Types

PICCASSO Eyeme X Sang Eun Unni False Lashes 피카소 아이미 X 상은언니 속눈썹 - 4 Types

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PICCASSO Eyeme X Sang Eun Unni False Lashes 

피카소 아이미 X 상은언니 속눈썹 


- Park Sang Eun Makeup Artist Collaboration -

Natural and feather-like eyelashes that just like your own! Eyeme Eyelash is created with the best quality through years of communication and research with makeup artists. Each strand is made to fit your eyes, suit your mood of the day.

Unlike ordinary eyelashes, this is made using the Eyeme exclusive lacquer technique, where each strand is woven by hand. They are layered with short-length eyelashes on the side of the bristle to resemble real lashes. The root is thin and can be lightly attached, making it an ultra-light eyelash that can be used without irritating the eyes.

*Not for single use, but instead it can be reused after washing off the glue with warm water.

11 PURE | 퓨어

Pure mood, daily eyelashes with natural volume

12 CUTE ACCENT | 큐트 악센트

Eyelashes that create natural and round eyes

13 ATTITUDE | 애티튜드

Point eyelashes that look like natural cat eyes

U21 UNDER | 언더

Under naturally open eyes

How to use

1. Before attaching the lashes, brush them with the brush and arrange them neatly.

2. Pick up the eyelashes with a tweezer, remove from the case, apply glue to the root, and wait for about 10 seconds.

3. Glue the adhesive eyelashes under the original eyelashes.

4. Before the glue dries completely, gently pinch it together with the original eyelashes.

After smearing a small amount of mascara on the tip of the tweezer, collect two or three strands of eyelashes to create an idol eyelash.

*There is a built-in mini-glue 1pc for the eyelashes attachment.

Content: Eyelash/1pair + Glue/1g

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