Wolf Spring Dog Vitamin Blend 애견용 비타민 블렌드 10oz

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Wolf Spring Dog Vitamin Blend 10oz
애견용 비타민 블렌드 10oz

반려견을 위한 최초의 액상 비타민 음료!

자연에서 얻은 식물성 재료를 엄선하여 기존의 씹어먹는 비타민 제품보다 훨씬 더 흡수율이 높고 거부감없는 맛있는 액상형으로 만들었습니다.
연령층에 맞게 세가지 포뮬라로 반려견의 건강을 챙겨주세요!

First liquid dog vitamins and supplements!
We harnessed nature’s purest ingredients and bottled them for your furry-friend’s health and happiness
  • Puppy Vitamin BlendWolf Spring’s goodness to have your pup start off on the right paw. Wolf Spring Puppy has been formulated to support your pup’s healthy growth and bone development. Puppies, although cute to us, are awkward in their new growing bodies. As they begin to navigate their surroundings with fearlessness only a puppy can have, they’re bound to have some growing pains.

  • Adult Vitamin Blend - At Wolf Spring, we know adulting can be *quite* overwhelming at times. With every ingredient, our ADULT formula specifically addresses some of the common concerns for fully grown dogs, even if they still act like puppies at heart. We created the first functional beverage so all you have to do is pour their daily vitamins.
  • Senior Vitamin BlendA dog’s only as old as they feel. Wolf Spring’s Senior formula helps to have them feeling like a puppy again… without the potty training and ripped up shoes. We believe senior dogs should look and feel their best.

    Every formula has been developed by vets to ensure your dog gets the most out of Wolf Spring.
    We hired the cutest taste testers to make sure each formula has a dog approved taste.
    Only the best for our best friends, each pronounceable ingredient is all natural and plant-based (non-gmo).
    Research shows liquid vitamins have a significantly higher absorption rate than traditional pill forms.
    How It Works
    • Pour your dog’s serving when they’re most likely to take a drink. Wolf Spring can be left out for the day.
    • Like introducing anything into your dog’s diet, we suggest halving their dose for the first 2 days.
    • Wolf Spring can be stored in the fridge for up to 3 days after opening.

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