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JUICE TO CLEANSE Water Wash Balm 쥬스 투 클렌즈 워터 워시 밤 100g

JUICE TO CLEANSE Water Wash Balm 쥬스 투 클렌즈 워터 워시 밤 100g

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JUICE TO CLEANSE Water Wash Balm 100g

쥬스 투 클렌즈 워터 워시 밤 100g

BEST BEFORE 4/14/2024

A simple one-step cleanser effectively removes makeup and impurities as it changes from Moisture Balm to Cream to Foam, leaving a moisturized and refreshing finish.

1. Balm to Foam

2. Moist cleanse

Hydrating moisture base. Softly melts by the body's temperature, containing abundant moisture and providing a moisturized finish even after cleansing the face.

3. Low irritant formula

Low irritant formula excluding harmful ingredients.

4. Ingredients

Lemon Juice, Lime Juice, Mango Juice, Papaya Fruit Juice, Pineapple Fruit Juice


1. Remove the inner cover with a spatula. Take the contents out in moderation. Apply it to dry skin.
2. Gently rub the face in a massaging motion to melt makeup
3. Lather while wetting the face with lukewarm water and rinse off with water.

수분 밤 – 크림 – 폼으로 변하여 메이크업과 노폐물은 지워내고 촉촉함과 산뜻함을 남겨주는 간편 원스텝 클렌저입니다.

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