SUNDUK JEJU Carrot Bubble Pack 선덕 제주 프레쉬 당근 버블팩 4g X 12 pack

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Pore Tightening ReBalance Fresh Carrot Bubble Pack (4g X 12 pack)

선덕 제주 케라바이옴 엑스™

포어 타이트닝 리벨런스 프레쉬 당근 버블팩 (4g X 12팩)

In the cold winter, there is a farm in Jeju Island that harvests fresh carrots in a wide and green carrot filed. The carrots of Jeju Island harvested before March were harder than other carrots, and filled with clear water from Jeju. The carrot conveys a clear and refreshing Jeju scent.

Amazon nutural clay contains nutrients and minerals compositions which has strong absortion. It helps to deelpy clean excess sebum and dead skin.

각질과 미세먼지는 제거하고 모공 수축에 도움을 주는 선덕 제주의 베스트셀러!


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