Mixed Roasted Grain Powder 미숫가루

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Uneekish Misugaru (Mixed Roasted Grain Powder)

Uneekish 미숫가루 

  • Yummy Yummy Misugaru 750g

Ingredients: roasted barley, roasted kamut, roasted red fife, roasted oats, roased spelt, roasted soy bean, coconut sugar

  • Super Black Misugaru 500g

Ingredients: black beans, oat berries, black quinoa, black sesame seed, coconut sugar

Made in Canada

    What is Misugaru?

    Misu is a traditional healthy Korean drink. It is made of mixed beans and grains that are steamed, roasted and ground. It is plentiful in nutrients and is easy to digest, which makes it a good alternative or complement to a regular meal. For thousands of years, it has been a staple for people of all ages in Korea. It also has a high protein content with a relatively low-calorie count, which is great for your health!

    In America, Misu is also known as Misu-latte as popular healthy beverage.

    How to drink Misugaru

    1. Add 3-4 table spoons of Misugaru to hot/cold water or milk.
    2. Add honey or sugar to your taste.
    3. Mix well. (Use shaker or blender for best result.)

    You can also add Misugaru to shaved ice dessert, waffle or ice cream.

    Uneekish 미숫가루는 유기농 재료로 정성스럽게 만든 홈메이드, 로컬 제품입니다.

    • 여미여미 미숫가루 750g

    주원료: 콩, 보리, 귀리, 카뮤트, 레드파이프(통밀), 현미, 코코넛 설탕

    • 슈퍼 블랙 미숫가루 500g

    주원료: 검정콩, 검정깨, 보리, 귀리, 검정퀴노아, 코코넛 설탕

    미숫가루는 주 재료인 곡류가 식이섬유, 미네랄, 피트산이 풍부하게 함유되어 있어 몸속에 쌓인 독소를 몸 밖으로 배출해주고 섬유질이 풍부하게 함유되어 변비를 예방합니다. 또한 포만감이 높아 폭식과 과식을 예방할 수 있어 바쁠때 끼니를 대체하거나 간식으로 좋습니다.

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