DeoFresh Body Tissue 데오프레쉬 바디 티슈 10 sheet

DeoFresh Body Tissue 데오프레쉬 바디 티슈 10 sheet

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Derma B DeoFresh Body Tissue 10 sheet

더마비 데오프레쉬 바디 티슈 10매입

The incredibly practical DeoFresh Body Tissue body deodorant wipes will help to instantly and easily refresh your body skin, eliminate the unpleasant odor of sweat and prevent its appearance.
Due to the compact size of the package, the product will fit perfectly in any bag, or even pocket, providing a more convenient and enjoyable operation.
The product has its pleasant refreshing effect and fresh aroma due to the content of extracts of mint leaves, cypress and other components.
Suggested Use
Pull out a tissue and gently wipe away sweaty areas, including armpits, nape, and arms. Close the package label after use to prevent the wipes from drying out.

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